Building New Companies

The end-result for this project will be public soon, but in the mean time this page is here to share with you some Polymath's company creation process, which is equally exciting.

TEAM: Polymath Ventures


Polymath Ventures is a company that builds new companies, each of which is designed to scale across Latin America. Using a process that combines design and management consulting, By 2015 Polymath had built five thriving ventures—I led a team to design their sixth.

The SEED team is a specialized group Polymath recruits every 18 months, with the sole purpose of finding and designing their next ventures. Eight exceptional people with a wide range of backgrounds are hand-picked from around the world and brought to Colombia to design the next generation of Latin American businesses. Tasked with building a business that has the potential to be worth a billion dollars, I led the SEED Team as we uncovered unmet needs that span across Latin America, and developed business models to fulfill them.



This hasn't been released yet, but as soon as the companies are launched I will post them here.

From Polymath's site, below is the SEED process in their own words. You can find more about Polymath and SEED here.  

Image credit: Polymath Group LLC